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Keeping Your Case Confidential

We do not discuss any of your cases to other clients or people.  In regards to keeping your case or investigation private from other Attorneys/Law Firms, there are two solutions that we use to keep your case confidential.  In regards to the Facebook Ad, we would tell Facebook to only put the Ad in front of your target audience (the potential Plaintiffs) and Exclude it from being seen by ALL Lawyers, Law Firms and anyone that is or has been in the legal field.  So for example, if a Lawyer was also in your target audience for your case, they would not be able to see the Facebook Plaintiff Finding advertisement.  Here is more information on Excluding a Facebook Advertising campaign

The second thing that we do to keep your case confidential is to do a “No Follow” on the Landing Page (the one-page website with the details of your case.)  A “No Follow” just means that when we put the website page on the internet, we are telling Google, Yahoo, Bing and the other 30 plus search engines to not Index your page so it doesn’t show up in a Internet Search.  So basically a “No Follow” means that the only way for people to see your Landing Page is to have seen the Facebook Advertisement.  Think of it like this…the book (your website page) IS in the Library building (on the internet), but since it has not been checked in yet, the book doesn’t show up in the system as being in the Library (it doesn’t show up in Internet Searches.)  Here is more information on “No Follow” website pages
We also do not participate in “Top Filing”, which means we do not provide leads that will be used to file wage and hour class action lawsuits against employers who already have suits pending against them. 
Thank you for the potential opportunity to serve as your new Plaintiff Finding Partner!