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How To Find Mass Tort Plaintiffs

One of the most difficult parts of a Mass Tort Attorney’s work life is finding Mass Tort Plaintiffs, until now.  Mass Tort Plaintiff Finder has solved that part of the equation.  We have found tens of thousands of Mass Tort Plaintiffs for Lawyers and Law Firms since 2013, using the 3 step process described below.  Over the years we have found Plaintiffs for Class Actions, Individual Cases, Employment Cases, Mass Tort and PAGA.

We have even worked on many political campaigns in which we were tasked with finding people in certain industries that would be negatively affected by a proposed new Bill and got them to reach out to their Senator, House Representative or Governor to let them know how they feel about the new proposed Bill.  As of today, we have a 100% success rate with getting a new proposed employment law Bill to be voted on in our direction.

How We Find Mass Tort Plaintiffs

Step 1 – The size of the Mass Tort case, the geography we are targeting, the objective of the campaign, the type of case, how many Mass Tort Plaintiffs are wanted, how fast they are needed and the budget of the campaign determines how we go about finding Mass Tort Plaintiffs for Attorneys and Law Firms.  But in all cases we start by creating a one-page website, called a Landing Page, that looks like this…

The purpose of this Landing Page is to create a place in which the potential Mass Tort Plaintiffs can get information on the investigation or case, to be able to see if they qualify as a Plaintiff, and more importantly a way to reach out to the Lawyer or Law Firm to state their interest in being a Plaintiff.  Although the Landing Page could use several ways to allow people to contact them, like phone number and email, we have found that the most successful and efficient way for the Lawyers is to use a Form Fill, like in the example above where it asks for the person’s contact information.

Step 2 – Once the Landing Page is complete, the next step is to determine how to market the Landing Page and get it in front of EXACTLY the right target audience.  The types of online marketing products used to promote the Landing Page can include Facebook Advertising, Instagram Advertising, other various Social Media Advertising like LinkedIn, Online Display Advertising, Geo Targeting, Geo-Fencing, SEO, PPC, Keyword Search Retargeting and a whole host of other online marketing products.  In some cases when we are just looking for one individual Plaintiff who works or worked at a certain company with a specific job title, we use a different approach by searching the millions of online resume databases that we have access to and then let them know about the investigation or case by sending them the link to the Landing Page.  Which Tactics and Online Marketing products we use are always determined first by the size of the advertising budget the Attorneys have to spend on the campaign and second by the objectives of the campaign, how many Mass Tort plaintiffs are needed, the geography of the target audience, how quickly the Lawyers need to find the Plaintiffs and who the target audience is.

Step 3 – Once we know what Online Marketing products we are going to use to promote the Landing Page, we then create the Ads.  Here is an example of a Facebook Ad…

As you can see above, the example Facebook Ad was put in the Facebook Feeds of anyone in One Medical’s multiple locations in Northern California that were or are patients of their medical practice.  Yes, you heard that right…with today’s online marketing product technologies we are able to target people by just about anything under the sun like age, income, homeowners, any geographical location, where they work or worked, job title, where they shop or have shopped, political religious and gender affiliation, hobbies, interests, education, marital status and 1,000’s of other VERY specific target audience categories.  We can even put Ads in front of people who had certain conversations in-person, over the telephone, text or email.  You know that free calculator or flashlight App you have on your smartphone?  There is a reason they are willing to give it to you for free 🙂

So once the Ad is in front of the target audience they would then click on the Ad or the “Learn More” button and it takes them to the Landing Page so they can get more information, see if they qualify and contact the Attorneys.  We can even have the Landing Page set so that when someone fills out the Form Fill, it generates an email to as many people on your staff as you would like.  The Ad above is just one of the many different Ads that we ran for this campaign.  We have been doing this for many years and have found that having different Ads (creative) make the campaign produce significantly more results.  One reason is that it provides us more data in order to optimize the campaign.  Each Online Marketing Product has its own unique ways to optimize the campaign for the best results and that is where our expertise can benefit you.

As mentioned above the costs to run a Mass Tort Plaintiff campaign varies by your objectives, time frames and the online marketing products that we use to find your Plaintiffs, but the minimum campaign that we will take on is a total of $3,800 and it includes everything you will need like the initial research of the EXACT target audience (typically 2 – 4 hours), the creation of the Landing Page and Image, the hosting, finding and purchasing the ideal URL, help with writing the verbiage, the multiple creative Ads, the tracking of results, the Form Fill functionality, the actual advertising cost and most importantly the DAILY optimization of the campaign.  Daily optimization of the campaign is probably the most important factor in finding Mass Tort Plaintiffs using this method.  If you think you can just put up a Facebook Ad and watch the potential Plaintiff responses come in, you are sadly mistaken.  It takes someone like us with a lot of experience, understanding of how it works and the ability to optimize the campaign on a daily basis for the campaign to be successful.

Please feel free to call or email us on how we can help find you your next Plaintiffs for an individual case, class action, mass tort or PAGA.