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We Have Found Tens of Thousands of Plaintiffs for all types of Cases

We have been helping Law Firms successfully find Plaintiffs since 2013. We specialize in finding Plaintiffs for Class Actions, Mass Tort, PAGA, Employment, Antitrust and Individual Case Law Suits.

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Over the years we have found tens of thousands of Plaintiffs for all types of cases, successfully finding Plaintiffs for cases against such companies as BlackBerry, Puritans Pride, Amazon, Western Union, Walmart, Hertz Rental Car, Blu E-Cigarettes, CarMax, Sysco Foods, US Foods, Pepsi, Tesla, Lowes, Home Depot, UPS, Halliburton, Whole Foods and many more.

Case Studies

  • 100's of Plaintiff's

    Employment Regulation - Wage Violation Class Action

    Hertz Rental Car Class Action was a typical wage violation case. The law firm leading this suit solely wanted to generate Plaintiff’s for specific locations, not an entire State. The results were 100’s and 100’s of qualified Plaintiff’s strengthening their position in courts, and their position on a settlement.

  • Over 1,300 Plaintiff Requests in the 1st day!

    Blu E-Cig Class Action Lawsuit

    Blu E-Cigarettes Class Action case was a smashing success. Plaintiff Finder’s client received over 1,300 new Plaintiff’s within one day, ending with thousands of Plaintiff’s for their class-action case.

  • Over 100 Plaintiffs!

    CarMax Employment Class Action

    CarMax Employment Class Action suit for sales consultants for unpaid wages received over 100 Plaintiff’s!