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Matt Lopez has been helping Law Firms with their advertising since 1996.  Matt started in the 90’s with Yellow Page Advertising and then in 2005 made the full switch to Online Marketing Services offering Website Design, SEO, Google Adwords, Facebook Advertising, Social Media Advertising, Live Chat, Website Retargeting and a whole host of other Internet Advertising Products.

After working with some of the largest Online Marketing Companies in the world, he eventually started his own individual online marketing company, which is flourishing.  Although he has clients in many different industries, the majority of the book of business is Law Firms throughout the country.  Matt is the President of in Fair Oaks CA.

Over the years, one of the most requested items from Attorney clients was help with finding Plaintiffs for Class Actions, Individual, Employment, PAGA, Antitrust, Product Defect, False Advertising and Mass Tort cases.  In 2013 he started the first online marketing campaign to find Plaintiffs for a Class Action Investigation.  The results were so fantastic that the Law Firm started hiring him to do multiple online marketing campaigns simultaneously for separate Class Action Investigations and Individual Suits/Investigations.

To date, he has run hundreds of online marketing campaigns successfully finding tens of thousands of Plaintiffs for cases against such companies as BlackBerry, Puritans Pride, Amazon, Western Union, Walmart, Hertz Rental Car, Blu E-Cigarettes, CarMax, Sysco Foods, US Foods, Pepsi, Tesla, Lowes, Home Depot, UPS, Halliburton, Whole Foods and many more.  Over the years, word has gotten out amongst the Law Profession throughout the US that Class Action Plaintiff Finder offers the best, affordable and quickest solutions for finding Plaintiffs for any type of investigation or case.  I would love to help you find your next Plaintiffs!